World-Class Coffee Products

Whole Bean or Ground Coffee Products - 2 lb.Minimum Order


You can order our delicious BuzzBrew coffees as whole beans or ground to perfection in two 1 lb bags. Our coffees come in four categories: Blends, Decafe, Single Origin and Flavored Coffee.

Order Instructions:

We have a two pound minimum-We do this to save on shipping and handling costs. Please choose 1 pound at a time. Can be any combination of coffees ground or whole bean. 

Our BuzzBrew Coffees may be purchased and shipped in 1 (one) 4 lb bulk bag for $51.80 (4 x $12.95) and only pay $5.95 shipping. So save money on shipping when you order in bulk.

Distributed by Rhody Roasters Coffee, 3362 Kingstown Road, West Kingstown, RI 02892. For wholesale information, call (401) 524-0580. Store in a cool, dry place..