World-Class Coffee Products

Rhody Roasters Coffee is pleased to offer wholesale pricing for restaurants of any size. Whether your business is new or old, big or small, we have the coffee and the packaging to keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Just send us an email at or call Ken at (401) 524-0580 with your needs and we will come up with a plan for your success.

Rhody Roasters BuzzBrew Whole Bean and Ground Gourmet Coffees

are available in the following Categories & Flavors:

Single Origin Coffee:

Bali Blue Moon: Wet processed, smooth body, strong chocolaty tones and hints of syrup and vanilla.

Brazilian Santos: Soft and smooth, light on the palate, cinnamon nuance with great crema when making espresso.

Colombian Supremo: These large beans create a medium-bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma. Roasted medium, medium acidity.

Colombian French Roast: The classic Colombian profile—as with other better-quality coffees from Peru, etc.—brings together a mellow acidity and a strong caramel sweetness, perhaps with a nutty undertone.

FTO Colombian: Colombian Coffee is characterized for being a beverage that has a clean taste, medium/high acidity and body, and a pronounced and complete aroma.

Costa Rican: Wet processed, high grown in volcanic soil. Very bright, clean with a bit of berry fruitiness. Can be roasted light or dark.

Guatemalan Antigua: High humidity, highly rated and well known gourmet coffee with smoky and chocolaty undertones, rich and complex with hints of spice. Light to medium roast.

Indian Monsoon Malabar: Annual monsoon winds cause the beans to expand in size and acquire their unique, mellow flavor. Featuring overtones of chocolate and a distant earthiness, this bean is roasted light to medium and is low in acidity and smooth body.

Ethiopian Fine Coffee: Subtle fruity and chocolaty undertones. Light roast, medium acidity, smooth body.

Sumatran Rain Forest Alliance Bird-Friendly Coffee: Much of the flavor comes from the way Sumatras are processed, the wet-hull method, not to be confused with wet-processed coffee.

Tanzanian Peaberry: Peaberry occur when only one of the two seeds is fertilized growing on its own with nothing to flatten it. As a result of their independence they are infused with more flavor. Roasted light, medium acidity, full body.

Coffee Blends: 

John Wane: Our John Wane blend combines 3 of our dark roast beans from Costa Rica, Sumatra, and Colombia.

Bruce Wane: Bruce Wane is a variegated roast of light and dark beans from Colombian, Sumatran, Tanzanian P.B.

Espresso Blend: Espresso Blend Sumatran, Colombian, Costa Rican, Ethiopian Robusta.

House Blend: House Blend is a variegated roast of light and dark beans from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

Decaffeinated Coffee: 

Kingston Decafe: Kingston Decafe is a two blend from Sumatran, Guatemalan.


Flavored Coffee: 

Hazelnut: Our Hazelnut Coffee is an earthy, full-bodied blend that lets the intense aroma shine through.

French Vanilla: Creamy vanilla and smooth coffee make this flavor a fan favorite.

Mocha Hazelnut: Sweet and savory, perfect to start your day or end your favorite meal.

Snicker Doodle: We have blended the spicy flavors of cinnamon and hazelnut for a smooth aromatic coffee.

And more flavors to come!!!